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But not every viewer who watched the video was terrified by what they’d just seen. In fact, multiple people commented on how beautiful sharks really are — despite the bad rap they often get. Others simply marveled at how special the moment really was.

“They’re lost in the turquoise Caribbean waters, surrounded by amazing underwater banks and seamounts,” Korb says. A scuba diver known as “Scuba Dan” is sharing the eerie yet undeniably cool moment a shark spotted him underwater. I am in my mid 50s and started diving again 7 years ago after a break of 15 years. I have a family but my 1-2 solo dive trips a year are great for my mental health and rejuvenating as well as the great full on diving experience that 3 weeks in a diving hotspot gives you. Close to the point there are whip coral, gorgonians, large sponges and soft coral. We saw several Lionfish, Razorfish, juvenile Sweet-lips, sea snakes, and colorful reef fish.

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Not many people know about the seamounts of Cayos Cochinos, says Irma Korb, of Reef Gliders Dive Center. Located off western Roatan, this area was formed by the Roatan Banks reef and consists of underwater mountain ranges that make for spectacular diving. Cayos Cochinos consist of two small islands— Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande—and 13 smaller coral cays situated on the northern shores of mainland Honduras.

Don’t date a girl who dives for she will never be perfect. Her legs and arms will have bruises from God knows where. She will complain about the sunburn on her forehead and the permanent mask crease on her face.

November to July bring slightly cooler temperatures above and below the water however, temperatures will only drop by a couple of degrees and most divers are still comfortable in a shorty. April to June is considered the best time whale shark season. Sure enough, the shark begins to zero in on the scuba diver moments after she picks up his scent. Diving is an expensive sport so I am not saving much there unless multi day packages are offered.

I thought this was a dive shop, but I must be in a museum because you’re a work of art. You must be Nemo, because I have searched the ocean for you. I’m no underwater photographer, but I can picture us together. It enhances your dives — whether from a deeper trust or creating your own dive signals.

Never enter a cave or other overhead environment without first getting the proper training for that environment. GettyPrior to arrival, you should purchase a PADI course and complete the eLearning classroom portion at home. Beaches can assist travelers with arranging the PADI course in advance of their stay and make sure they have the correct paperwork completed. Once you decide that you’re going to get your child certified on vacation, the next question is where you should do it. Mermaid Read moreYour dream will come true move like a glamorous mermaid underwater.

Imagine diving through spectacular marble formations that were created over millions of years – it’s the experience of a lifetime! Situated near the town of Mo i Rana, Visit Plura has everything you need for a perfect diving holiday. Here you dive with professional guidance and top-of-the-line equipment. “I also recommend theKonsul Carl Fisser, which is a wreck that is accessible to many scuba divers,” says Midtgaard. Through each of my trips, I have learnt, step by step, how easy it could be to organise everything by myself thanks to the Internet and how much fun it was to make new like-minded friends on the road.


A look at the current dive scene in Roatan, the Florida Keys and Vanuatu. Thousands of these fish descend on the cayes to mate and give birth to their young. Belize packs a hemispheres worth of adventure within its borders. Located between Mexico and Guatemala, this is the perfect destination for exploration, relaxation and romance. According to, sharks are super-sensitive to smells that are important to their survival, meaning they are often alerted to potential predators and prey first by scent rather than sight.

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Get ready to dive into the water from a scuba diving boatin Southern Norway … Considered among the most accessible and largest wrecks to dive in the world, the ship rests on its port side, with the bow in around 68 feet of water. It’s a veritable playground for divers, with so much opportunity for partial and full penetration in its endless nooks and crannies that you could easily spend a week exploring . Port Vila Bay’s marine reserve areas are also teeming with fish. “There are many turtles on the reefs, as well as sharks, stonefish, octopuses, moray eels, and all the beautiful reef fish,” Lambine says.

Below 30m are schools of Unicorn Surgeon fish, Emperor fish and Jacks. The middle pinnacle’s seaward side is covered with pink soft coral. Slightly more protected areas have large gorgonians, black coral, lots of altheas and tubastrea, angelfish, scorpionfish, lionfish and many invertebrates. When you take her to beaches for romantic strolls, she will pick up every piece of plastic trash because that’s just how she rolls. Never collect seashells for her if you think this is sweet.

I was doing so much diving I purchased my own Compressor. I would wake up 2-3 Am Re check the tide chart & weather . My wife said I have Gills , And when my gills where dry . I stumbled across a beginner scuba organizations say recreational divers. But because diving diving, meet divers to get an instant quote. Jewcier is qualified bsac to primarily single women, is qualified bsac to divers and married but usually not unfounded.

Don’t date a girl who dives for she is confident, brave, and true. She will go to the deepest parts of the oceans to explore shipwrecks, and she will do so even without you. She loves entering caves and diving in the dark. No doubt, she will be the first to jump into the water for a chance to see a shark. If these things scare you, it might be best to stay away. Nothing fazes her, except for the titan triggerfish that may come her way.