Neighbors Who Got Sweet Revenge Against Their Next Door Nightmares

We set it right on the path she always takes through our yard. But what we saw in the video gave us goosebumps, NOT what we expected. Even if it turns out to be my fence, I’ll move things so you can’t see anything.” Nope. One day, I came home and the cats were gone. Apparently, my favorite of the two had bitten her in response to her grabbiness and she had them put down. She also wanted me not to snow blow onto the four-foot section of lawn next to my driveway because then she couldn’t access her A/C unit in the middle of winter.

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My mom asked if she had to have a fence by law and the person she talked to could already sense where this was going. Turns out, there are rules about maintaining a fence, but she was not required to have one. Every year, she’d walk the fence and throw seeds over it because, of course, it was still her yard. After five years of fighting, the blackberries had reclaimed her property.

Why You Shouldn’t Hit On Your Neighbor

It is one of the best forums on the web dedicated to people in their thirties and beyond who are still dating. In addition, r/datingoverthirty includes honest conversations and helpful dating advice for people who have children. The best thing about this community is that users can classify what they want to see according to their specific age group (either their forties/fifties/etc.). However, this isn’t a forum to post personal ads or to look for hookups. This is where the reddit dating service comes in.

The good thing with this community is that with the many people subscribing to it, thus the chances of posts being seen by a potential partner are very high. In addition, listing an ad and commenting is absolutely free. However, having a unique listing can really boost one’s chances of getting a potential partner. Living in an apartment complex, you’ll probably get to see a fair amount of your neighbors. You can easily pass each other in the parking lot, in the hallways, in the stairwell or any other common spaces.

For better or for worse, you’ll probably cross paths on a regular, if not daily, basis. Research shows that just 34% of people are willing to go out with someone who lives over an hour away from them. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

How do you ask your neighbor out?

Maybe the answer could be as simple as it’s close to work or they stayed behind in their college town to continue to grow their life there. In neighbourhood dating, as in all matters of the heart, sometimes you have to take a leap. But in 2021, it’s not just bin day that shoots cupid’s arrow. Dating apps also play a role in facilitating local love – and discomfort – particularly when people are confined within a 5km lockdown radius. “I would finish work at the same time every day, so at five past five I was always coming up the street,” she says. “I found out later that he would strategically take his garbage out to the bin out the front so he could smile and wave at me.

We’re breaking down a few neighbor dating do’s and don’ts and how to avoid awkwardness after the flame dies down. The next day, I entered and exited my apartment, looking over my shoulder, afraid I would have an dating run-in with my neighborly Tinder match without being properly prepared. I did what any reasonable person with a face covered in zit cream would do, and cowered behind my couch date I was sure the unexpected visitor had left. Your link was really loud, you must have not heard. Sergey agreed, and arrived at my door the next night neighbor a bottle of an Argentinean malbec in hand.

Should You Sleep With Your Neighbor?

I was dating a guy I met on Tinder for a few months. We never discussed exclusivity, which was fine by me. I was over at his house one night after a couple weeks of not seeing him.

I left for my 12-hour shift, and the feedback was still screaming when I came home. The neighbors never blasted their music again. So one year, the night before Halloween, he moved the building forward and covered the fess with burlap, disguising it in leaves and grass clippings.

Apparently he was mad at us because we had a dog that would bark and disturb. Since there were 2 pathological adult sons and the neighbor’s word against ours-2 sane, working adults, we lost and had to pay. We sold the house and moved shortly afterward. I once had a neighbour in college that would knock on my door and ask for money.

The surveyor marked the line about twenty feet into the neighbor’s land on all sides and just over a hundred feet in the back wooded areas. He intended to plant a tomato plant there and he planned to follow through with his plans whether there were flowers or not. In a letter of our own, we explained that a tomato plant was not the intended use of a flower garden and that planting a tomato directly in front of our door would be inappropriate. My neighbor complained about it, saying he thought it didn’t fit in with the other manicured lawns and green spaces of the area.

We had letters from all 16 surrounding neighbors attesting that our dog never barked, what great neighbors we were and how crazy the complainant was. About 6 months later get a complaint for dog barking with a $500 fine. Our dog never barked, unless someone walked by or came to the door. Fast forward 2 months we have a new cat, younger, cuter. I come home one day and my cat come crawling to me giving the loudest meow of his life. So I filled a box with cat poop, taped it up, wrote “handle with care” all over it, and put it in the trash.