This study has many advantages which should be noted

This study has many advantages which should be noted

Strengths and you can restrictions off study

First and foremost, according to the literary works, this has been learned that there was only minimal search into the abortion enjoy and needs which have been carried out in the brand new Malaysian framework and not one of them education investigated ladies’ knowledge that have scientific abortion and their need with regard to abortion [31, 30]. Hence, this study increases the established looks away from research for it point in the country in order to the latest all over the world human anatomy away from books general. Subsequently, this study offered perspectives and you may empirical proof on question out-of abortion which can be maybe not discussed and you may discussed when you look at the Malaysia.

We acknowledge that our research has limitations. To start with, due to the qualitative nature of the data, this new findings regarding the studies cannot be generalized into large populace. Subsequently, the info attained within this research necessary respondents to help you keep in mind previous enjoy where bear in mind bias was planning to occur. But not, all of the users got the last abortion less than one season regarding ages of research collection, thus the odds otherwise recall prejudice were quicker. Finally, the new respondents was indeed recruited out of singular metropolitan infirmary. Perhaps future degree you may recruit people away from individuals locations (an such like. centers, medical care facilities, hospitals) away from each other rural and you will urban areas and so the knowledge of the modern abortion circumstance for the Malaysia could be captured out-of experience of females out of more setup.


The existing abortion laws into the Malaysia is to permit the bodies so you can provide abortion attributes in the law. Sadly, the research results reveal that this is certainly fundamentally not too, most probably as a result of the social stigma. You will find surprise significance of the us government to review its duty into the delivering accessible abortion attributes when you look at the scope of one’s legislation and research the regulatory standards to have such as qualities within the Malaysia. This research and additionally highlighted the need for informative perform to make girls conscious of the reproductive legal rights and also to increase their reproductive degree around abortion. In addition to the regulators, public studies on the abortion may also be increased by operate away from abortion company, advocacy communities and you may associated NGOs.


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